Is Coaching Classes Is necessary for Neet and IIT

Is Coaching Classes Is necessary for Neet and IIT

In coaching institutes, there is a proper study plan or a roadmap for the student. This study plan is made after analyzing the pattern of examination by both bird view and worm view.

IIT and NEET are one of the popular exams in INDIA. Because it fulfills the dreams of many teenage students who want to pursue their graduation through one of the best colleges in India. But to get admission they have to go through a very high competition with parallel to their school. This makes students very hectic and lose their energy in the way from coaching to school and in the end due to the lack of Revision and continuous studies student fails to get admission to good colleges. So, in this blog, we will discuss how to manage their whole schedule during this preparation. We will come to a productive decision by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of joining coaching classes for the preparation of IIT and NEET.

Advantages of Joining Coaching Classes for NEET and JEE

1. Proper Study Plan

In coaching institutes, there is a proper study plan or a roadmap for the student. This study plan is made after analyzing the pattern of examination by both bird view and worm view. There are many topics which need some understanding of previous topic but this isn't easy to find out by the students. So, this study plan will help students to get a hierarchy of which topic should be studied first and which after. This will also help a student know how much they have studied and how much they have cleared, which topic is weak and which is strong. So, this becomes a very essential part of their preparation for NEET and IIT.

2. Experienced Faculty

Coaching institutes admit very experienced faculty by organizing certain levels of tests and interviews. These teachers have several years of experience in their respective subjects. They have a very good knowledge of exam patterns of NEET and IIT which helps students to study exam-oriented topics in a very productive manner. Their experience also helps students to get better insight into particular subjects so that they can perform well in exams. Faculty members also try to explain in a way that can be understood by most weak students in the class. They also apply a different style and give tips so that student have a better understanding and their mind catches hard topics in a very easy manner.

3. Mock Tests and Practice Papers

IIT and NEET coaching classes conduct mock tests regularly. This helps students to get a better idea and insight into exam patterns and what types of questions are asked in exams. Mock tests also help the student to find out their strength and weaknesses so that students can work on them and upgrade their scores. These mock tests are conducted in the same environment as original exams like NEET and IIT so the students don’t feel hesitant or alien from that particular surroundings.

4. Personalized Attention

Every student has different grasping power, some student catches the subject in the first instance but some take time. So, by personalized attention, students get the full clarity of a particular subject or topic. Coaching classes help students to get full clarity of the subject by giving them personal attention. This small effort can help the student to first crawl then walk and then run to achieve their goals.

5. Doubt Clearing Sessions

IIT and NEET coaching compulsorily give this facility to the students at different time gaps and even daily after everyday class schedules. Because an aspirant may have many doubts about a particular topic while doing self-study so by this session can help those students. Many a times

doubt may arise while attending class also but to clear the doubt in class is somehow impossible in running class, so coaching classes schedule doubt classes just after regular classes so that student's time is not wasted. And by this students can target higher goals.

6. Access to Study Material

Top Coaching institutes for IIT NEET provide a bulk of study material which is useful from the exam point of view. This includes reference books, study guides, and online resources, including textbooks,s, and Coaching institutes create a submission of different topics from many resources which is directly useful for exams that students cannot get in a particular resource. This saves the time and energy of a student so that he/she can concentrate fully on the exam.

7. Alumni Support / Ranker Group Support

Many toppers get good rank in IIT NEET from good coaching. So, from time to time, they come and guide students on how to make their way to success and achieve higher goals. These alumni meetings also motivate students and inspire students to achieve higher achievements.

8. Experience is Higher than Knowledge

Coaching classes give toppers every year because they invest a huge time and effort in this field. They have experienced faculty and a schedule of tests and classes. They have a particular pattern and resources to give an insight into exam patterns and syllabus to the student. Good coaching institutes have a Research and Development branch also so that by research they can develop their new content and get parallel to the changing exam pattern.

Disadvantages of Joining Coaching Institutes For NEET and IIT

1. Hectic Schedule

A student can face a very hectic schedule. Because they spent at least 6 hours at school and then 4-5 hours at coaching after that they have to manage time for revision also. So, this creates a vicious cycle for students in which they get into the trap of moving here and there and creating a huge bulk of unrevised notes. So, if one is joining a coaching institute one should always join a supporting school which is commonly in the local language as a Dummy school, so the burden of school will be reduced a little bit and they can focus on their competition.

2. Migrate to Big Cities

The famous coaching institutes did not have their branches in any remote village or town. So, one has to migrate to famous cities for coaching like Kota, Jaipur, Delhi, and many more. This somehow increases the expenses of a particular student. But at the time you achieve this all efforts will be hidden and you will shine like a golden star.


  • Though the student has to sacrifice many things to clear the IIT and NEET and also spend a huge amount of money and time, should leave their hometown and come to metropolitan cities. But by joining
  • Coaching classes one can get concentrate on a particular pathway and get a roadmap for clearing the exam. Coaching classes give a specified surrounding where there are students who have the same
  • goal and they want to clear the same exam. So, by this, a student gets motivated all the time.

Under the guidance of good experienced faculty, topper reviews, good modified study material, and many more students can save money and time and can clear the IIT and NEET exam

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