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NEET and JEE both are considered as most prestigious exams in BHARAT. Most of the aspirants are teenagers at the time of examinations and at this age to make any decision should always need the support of experience. So, this blog is written to aware students of the very crucial topic of opting for a Dummy School in Jaipur. 

There are various factors on which an aspirant should look upon. One of them is how to manage School time parallel to coaching because school at least demands 6 to 7 hours a day which matters a lot for an aspirant. So, here comes the role of Dummy School which gives a flexible supporting schedule to NEET and JEE aspirants by which their preparation gets more concentrated and productive. 

So, now let us know what is Dummy School and how it is helpful in the preparation of NEET and JEE in Jaipur. What are the advantages and disadvantages of it? 

What is a Dummy School?

These are the school that helps students who are engaged in different types of competitive exams, especially NEET and JEE students. Dummy School provides a very flexible time schedule for the students who are preparing for NEET and JEE. They allow students to come on alternate days or for 2-3 hours or may give more relaxation. Dummy schools give their support in many ways, like they can provide online notes, and can teach them practical knowledge in a particular timesquare so their studies may not affect them. If student explores with good support, then they may get a Dummy School near their coaching institute or at a prime location in their respective cities. In this blog, we will explore all the dummy schools in Jaipur.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dummy School

Here we will discuss the different advantages and disadvantages of Dummy School; so that an aspirant for JEE and NEET can clearly decide whether to go for Dummy School or not. Exclusively for dummy school in Jaipur.

Advantages of Dummy School in Jaipur

Self-Study Time Increases in Dummy Schools

If a student joins a dummy school, then automatically they will get more 6 to 7 hours a day and this time can be consumed in their NEET and JEE preparation. Then if we multiply this time by 365 yearly then in 2 years the aspirant got more than enough time to prepare for competition. By this one can get fully focused on a particular road map or strategy 

Less Distraction in Dummy Schools

When a student goes to school regularly then they have more stuff to get distracted and there are many extra-curricular activities. Many games, sports, and many things consume time and that is not good for an aspirant. By joining a dummy school this problem can be solved as it reduces time to 2-3 hours or even alternative days to school. So, joining a dummy school can concentrate the minds of the students and make them distracted 

Dummy Schools are Big Time Saver

As NEET and JEE are one of the toughest exams in India year by year candidates to appear in exams are also increasing. So, this kind of exam demands a huge highly focused time so that a person can pursue coaching properly, give tests, and maintain their revision on a regular basis. Apart from this, there are many more things that are needed while preparing like doubt clearing, and in case of emergency, the classes which are not attended should also get consumed. This means in the life of aspirants there are many ups and downs, so here if they get proper support from the school then they clear these examinations in the estimated time frame. 

Because if one is pursuing regular school then he/she may feel a hectic schedule and even a situation for one drop can also arise. So, by joining a dummy school one can get proper time for preparation and for rest also so that they can feel fresh and dedicated throughout the journey.

Dummy School Encourage Coaching

Generally, regular schools don’t encourage coaching, and they maintain their strict curriculum and get stricter towards their school homework and in-school activities. They also force students to participate in different programs at the school. But this kind of schedule cannot be maintained by a NEET and JEE aspirant. Because they have to devote a huge to coaching then they have to revise daily material. This revision can get into a burden if they don’t get proper time. So, for those students dummy schools are good as they support students and compromise with attendance so that they can productively pursue their preparation, and in a city like Jaipur where there are full coachings and children come from far away places to study, due to this also the importance of dummy school increases in Jaipur.

Dummy Schools Can Compromise with Attendance

Dummy schools are the schools that compromise with attendance and give full support to NEET and JEE students. Many times they have tie-ups with different coaching institutes so that student can get a proper competitive environment and can achieve their target in the given time frame. 
Regular schools have major issues with attendance they demand at least 75% of attendance which is not possible for an aspirant. This gets very hectic for a student, so joining a dummy school can at least reduce this burden for a student.

No Stress

Unlike regular Schools, where students are forced to participate in extracurricular activities and get good marks in various subjects. Opposite to this dummy, the school allows the student to do preparation at their own pace and maintain unfocused regular studies in a very productive manner. 
Many a time students get jumbled up in this ongoing hectic schedule and after a time due overburdened syllabus they get into high stress. So, by joining a dummy school they can overcome their stress as they get sufficient time to revise and for peace. 

Dummy Schools has Proper Coordination with Coaching

Dummy School has different MOU-based partnerships and tie-ups with different coaching institutes so that they give a burden-free and stress-free environment to a student who is seeking to achieve their goals. 

Topper’s Choice

If we look at the past topper list in the last 10 years then we get to know that all of them have suggested joining Dummy school. Because in their view it gives healthy support to a student who is preparing for NEET and JEE from a coaching institute. In their view by joining a dummy school, the journey becomes more flexible and smoother and it really helps an aspirant a lot. In a city like Jaipur, where lakhs of children are taking coaching and have been selected in many big exams in the previous years, there are more students of dummy schools in Jaipur in the toppers list.

Disadvantages of Dummy School in Jaipur

In Dummy Schools No Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are very important for every student. Because of this student's overall personality get enhanced and they learn many skills during these activities. It includes different types of games sports and many more things that develop a person physically and mentally both, They, learn different vocab skills and brainstorming techniques. By joining a dummy school, a student is deprived of these kinds of things. These activities create a joyful and energetic environment which develops the creative side of the brain. These activities release different hormones in the body by which a student feels happy and stress-free. 

But generally, studious students do not participate in these kinds of activities rather they feel as if time is wasted and get involved in more and more studies and try to improve their problem-solving skills which makes them more perfect to get selection in many competitive exams.

But as we know these competition exams are very unpredictable one cannot have full surety of the future. So, in case of not selecting one can get in a different field and make their existence on some other platform or any sports career. So, these activities enhance the wholesome personality of a student so that he/ she can survive in any different area of interest.

In Dummy Schools Less Communication

The life in the junior classes of a student is full of cheer groups and friends as a whole. Where there is a highly energetic circle of communication. But joining a dummy school one has to leave these daily communications and into a different competitive environment where there are only coaching mates to talk to and to share things. But coaching mates are generally fully focused as their main purpose in joining coaching is to study hard to achieve the goal not to make new friends. So, in this environment, many a time students coming from the junior classes may feel a lack of communication and may feel isolated sometimes. But as time goes on and they get more mature they realize the importance of coaching and the time for preparation. But if one is fully dedicated to their preparation then he/she will not feel anything like isolation rather they will prepare nicely so that they can clear this examination in a very productive manner and after that, they will enjoy and make all the gaps clear which they miss in these 2 years.

Conclusion About Dummy Schools

By analyzing the above advantages and disadvantages we can clearly see how dummy schools help students who are preparing for NEET and JEE in Jaipur or other Cities, and how toppers also suggest dummy schools only. Though there are a few disadvantages also they do not matter a lot, because to achieve higher goals we have to be concentrated on a particular path as most of the toppers have done. Many a time student get emotional and confused in making their decisions about how they can go to dummy school or any other thing. But these things do not matter a lot, what matters is your final selection in a good college and then a good career. So, getting emotional will result in delayed selection and nothing more than this. So, one should always stick to a particular pattern which is followed by many toppers and suggested by well-known intellectuals and well-known education institutions in India. 

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